Made from Recycled PET Bottles

Sustainability Concern

The world is full of pollution due to various causes — Jong Stit as a corporate share a part of the causes. The company so launches an eco-friendly concept that in order to contribute to society as a whole in one or the other way and become fully independent and sustainable in the upcoming future.

As far as the environment is concerned, Jong Stit as a corporate organization launches new innovations leveraging recycled PET to generate green fibers. We also have an Eco-Max sub-concept of preserving water in producing products. Our company has achieved various global standards that ensure we meet responsible management in all 3 notions of sustainability: society, environment, and economy. We gained various certifications like OEKO-TEX, GRS standard for yarn and fiber recycling, Green Label, etc. Especially, GRS certification for sustainable organization ensures restoration of significant ecosystem service, improved social standards. Furthermore, we strictly control waste disposal in such a way that the water consumption is optimized by constructing engineer water treatment. This thereby reducing wastewater usage and minimizing energy consumptions and would be beneficial to each individual and the earth as a whole.



One of the major contributors to land pollution is the plastic waste generated by fast fashion. The production, dyeing, designing, and retail of fashion products and the significant contributors of plastic we see today. These contribute to all kinds of pollution, such as air, water, and soil. The amount of new garments being bought has doubled, which puts immense pressure on resources.

These garments are easily disposed of when there is a change in fashion, contributing to massive cloth waste in landfills. Due to quick disposal, the waste being generated is high as never seen before. It’s time we stop contributing to fast fashion and forcing additional resources to be utilized. One way can be by the usage of Recycled PET bottle plastic T-shirts. These are made from 100 percent recycled synthetic polymers and are eco-friendly.

Product Description 

  • 50% less energy used for production
  • Fewer energy emissions
  • Zero water and soil requirement for production
  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Made of recycled PET bottles
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Reasonable cost
  • Long-lasting and sustainable
  • Suitable for wear and tear use
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Made of recycled polyester from PET bottles

How is this recycled T-shirt made?

Recycled t-shirts are a revolutionary idea made to combat the waste generated by fast fashion. We use waste PET bottles and create fabric from it. The plastic flakes are heated at an extremely high temperature and then molded and melted into polyester yarn. This yarn is stretchable and comfortable and is knitted into desirable fabric products. This is then knitted into a beautiful, sustainable t-shirt.

How can you contribute to environmental conservation by using this T-shirt?

According to recent reports, plastic pollution will be a massive crisis, and dealing with it will be practically impossible. Today all sectors from food, clothing, automobiles, etc. use plastic, and the waste produced is enormous. Manufacturing plastic is also a high energy process, and a lot of emissions and wastewater are released. Using recyclable T-shirts can be beneficial to the environment because of the resources saved to produce the t-shirting fabric. Also, 12 PET bottles provide a single t-shirt, and it’s an excellent way to recycle plastic rather than letting it choke all the significant landfills. We have enough clothing and plastic waste, and producing more doesn’t make any sense. Using this ensures there is a less carbon footprint, and an eco-friendly product is obtained.

Made from Recycled Plastic

The T-shirts are made of 100% recycled plastic PET bottle polyester.

Our Polyester T-shirts are made of 100% recycled plastic PET bottle polyester.

How The T-shirt Is Made

  •  The PET bottles are shredded into flakes.
  •  The flakes are heated and melted into polyester yarn.
  •  Knitted into a sustainable T-shirt.

Benefits of a Recycled Plastic T-shirt

  •  50% less energy
  •  55% fewer carbon emissions
  •  No water and no oil required during the production process


  • What are the benefits of using these recyclable plastic T-shirts?

Everything around us is made of plastic. Estimates have shown that only none percent of total plastic produced annually is recycled. Dealing with large plastic is a menace, and using recycled plastic T-shirts can help prevent further pressure on existing resources and overflowing landfills.

  • Are these t-shirts comfortable?

Yes, these recycled t-shirts are incredibly soft and comfortable. They are made from a stretchable fabric which is quite durable and comfortable. These are also odor-free and will quickly cause sweat evaporation so that your skin can breathe happily.


reference: JONG STIT Co., Ltd., polyester fabric and textile manufacturer

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