100% Cotton, Cotton Combed 30

The most popular fabric because it’s flexible, smooth and can be used for various clothing.
The fabric is light and comfortable, even in the hot weather.
Cotton Combed 30 is made from from 100% natural cotton, which is long and has less
cotton ball. … read more

Made from Recycled PET Bottles

The world is full of pollution due to various causes — Chapter One as a corporate share a part of the causes. The company so launches an eco-friendly concept that in order to contribute to the society as a whole in one or the other way and become fully independent and sustainable in the upcoming future. … read more

About the Team

It started since 2010,

Chapter One is founded in 2010, started by Manga creator and his friend who has his own fabric-printing company. In the same year, we open their first solid store at Chatuchak weekend market, Thailand. … read more